Bathroom Remodel

I know how people get carried away with remodels. I can see where a budget can be blown, quickly.
We were only going to rip out the vanity and replace it with a (FREE to us) pedestal sink.


But of course, because we’re having to paint the area where the vanity was, we might as well paint the entire bathroom, a pretty yellow.


And of course, the floor is messed up because the vanity is gone. (Thankfully, we had flooring left over from when we did the house)


And wait. The molding is messed up, might as well do that too.


Oh, now that mirror and shelf looks funny…. Let’s get rid of that and replace it too!


Jeez. Wouldn’t it look better like this, another $100 down.


And the toilet, hell, might as well get a new one!


I am LOVING my bathroom so far. Seriously. Blown away my these changes to our TINY bathroom. We aren’t moving, ever. So we might as well love it.




So far…..


Before. (Above & Below)



During (below)



Ha. That’s what happens when you re-do your ONLY bathroom – that 4 people share. :)


I’ll update again when it all comes together.

This really happened.

My hair is EXTREMELY thick. SO, so thick. I cannot complain (I can, but will not) because my mom has super thin hair. I’m lucky, yes.

But my poor child, he got my hair. It is so thick and curls up, too. It’s beautiful, but he’s a boy and doesn’t do pretty things with it..
A miracle occurred in our home just the other day. Max decided he wanted his hair cut.
I almost had a heart attack. Not from the bad, OMG BUT YOUR HAIR. But from the OMG FINALLY!!!!

Max before?  

Max After!!










Can you believe that crap? He really did it. It was his idea (it only cost me a PS3 game for him).  :)
Totally worth it.


So.. I deleted my Facebook profile. It is so shocking to people, but i’m not sure why. It has been surprisingly easy to walk away.  I’m not saying this is forever; I just needed a break.

I had to walk away from EVERYONE and their opinions, rants and asshole comments. I just need a break. 
I still have my twitter. That I can deal with. I guess because the majority of the people I talk to on twitter, I don’t know in real life. Plus, their rants are limited to 140 characters.  :)

 I think I just need a technology break.

Trimming the giants.

These are the giants.  Well, as much as I could get into one picture…

Today was the day; finally. We had the trees trimmed today.  As you can see, it was a little more than we could take on ourselves. They’re were too big, too heavy, too over our house for my comfort. :)
Some guys with some big trucks and a MONSTER of a wood chipper showed up at my house a little after 3pm and by 5 they were raking my yard. Job done. They made it look so easy. The thuds I heard were, hopefully, carefully calculated decisions on their part. No holes in my roof?!?
We had SO MUCH cut back and one small tree (see that one on the left side in front of the window?) taken down.
What a difference.

 ^ Before ^

^ After ^

They cut a lot more than that, but… That is my favorite part. That is my bedroom window, so i’m glad that tree is gone! Now, time to grow some grass in that yard!  …. ha!


I feel bad that I NEVER update this… So, here’s a little something.


I’ve been itching for a little change in the bathroom. This is our ONLY bathroom and as you can see, it is  TINY!!!
Gidget (who is crazy as hell) tore a huge hole in the shower curtain a few days ago, so I took this as my chance to do a little update. The shower curtain and the metal wall sculpture from Bealls, so they were SO cheap. I paid less than $30 for both items.

I had to do the ribbon shower curtain “rings” again. That is one major disadvantage to living on the ocean, EVERYTHING rusts.  We learned this quickly after we moved here, and the plastic shower curtain rings are just ugly, so I LOVE the ribbon!

Hope the white doesn’t get too dirty. I deal with some icky boys and a lot of sand and grime in this house!

I’m pretty happy with our micro update.  Chancey isn’t home from work yet, hope he likes it too!

Reverse bucket list.

It seems that people everywhere are posting their “Bucket Lists” … I haven’t really ever thought to put mine together, but I thought it would be fun to do a Reverse Bucket List; what I NEVER want to do. [Taken from Mama Kat's writing prompts, fantastic idea]

  • Never go on Fear Factor (those people are insane)
  • Sing solo on stage.
  • Be a bee keeper.
  • Ski the Alps.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Swim the English Channel.
  • Learn to use a Pogo stick.
  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube.

I could name SO many more, but this seems like a good start. Or end. Whichever way you think about it.

Sip sip sip


A shift today.

Honestly? I’ve been bummed lately. About nothing and everything. It doesn’t make since, I know.. Today was different. I hope tomorrow is too.


Something I shouldn’t share.

This house is a wreck. Usually nobody wants to share, on the internet, their nasty house.. but.. Here is mine. We’ve been very busy lately. Chancey started a new job and is helping out a snowbird (someone who is only down for a few months) a block over get her house stay ready. When we’ve been here, we’ve just relaxed. Now it’s time to clean. Woot.




The house is clean now. Motivation/Determination (read that as me feeling like a huge slacker)  is a hell of a drug.

I love Chuck (Taylor)



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